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UPG UB1280 F1 Replacement Battery

UPG UB1280 F1 Replacement Battery
Product Code: NAT-NB12-7.5-BTX-29032
The UB1280 F1 is a 12 Volt 8 amp hour Battery. The UB1280 F1 cross references to the following battery part numbers:

PS-1270, GP1272, LC-R127R2P, NP7-12, PE12V7, PX12072, WP7-12, WP7.2-12, ES7-12, HZS12-7.5, UB1270, UB1272, UB1280, MX-12070, BP7-12, BP7.5-12, BP8-12, LP12-7.2, SLA1065, SLA1079, BSL1079, SLA0124, SLA1075, SLA1080, BSL1075, SLA1088

Product Specification
Brand(OEM)Universal Power Group
ManufacturerNational Battery
Amp Hours8
Weight4.96 lbs
Compatible Substitute
Estimated Shipping Cost

12 Month Warranty
The UPG UB1280 F1 Replacement Battery has a warranty of 12 months. Our products generally last about 3 times the warranty period if used and maintained properly.

Apex Superstores offers the easiest returns and replacements for warranties.

Should you need to return or get a replacement, simply call or email us and we’ll have a return label for you the same day.

100% Guarantee
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